How to have sex if your partner’s penis is too big

How to have sex if your partner's penis is too big

This is one case where size matters.

The average length of the penis during an erection is about 13 cm. The average depth of the vagina from the entrance to the cervix is ​​up to 15 cm.

With such dimensions, the penis does not reach the cervix, the pressure on which can be painful. Therefore, the average man and woman do not experience discomfort during sex. But everything changes if the size of the male penis exceeds the conditional norm indicated above.

Even though the vaginal canal lengthens slightly when aroused, a penis larger than 17 cm can make sex painful for a partner.

Here are some simple rules that will help you avoid discomfort and get only pleasure from intimacy.

1. Pay special attention to the foreplay

Ideally, if the foreplay is such that the girl will experience the first orgasm even before the member penetrates the vagina. Kiss, petting, caress your partner’s clitoris with your tongue, invite her to masturbate or help her do it using sex toys.

The more excited and relaxed the girl is, the easier the penetration will be.

2. Spare no lubricant

If your partner has a really big penis, natural lubrication will definitely not be enough for you. Remember how hard it can be to put on a ring that is too tight on your finger, and do everything to make it as easy as possible to slide. That is, generously lubricate the penis and vagina with a lubricant (preferably water-based), and add a new portion regularly.

3. Take your time

Hot penetrative sex in the elevator or on the desktop in a quick format, alas, is not for you. Even with lube.

The partner will need time for the penetration of an unusually large dick to be comfortable. If you act quickly and rudely, you can finish playing until the vagina breaks. And it hurts. So much so that the girl is unlikely to want to repeat the unpleasant experience.

4. Use restraint toys

Restrictive cock rings can be found in every adult toy store. This elastic thing is put on the penis and does not allow it to penetrate too deep. The ring also has an important psychological function: a man does not have to constantly monitor the depth of penetration, which means he can relax.

Rings are different. Pay attention to those that have additional attachments for clitoral stimulation.

5. Breathe to relax

This advice applies more to girls. If a partner is nervous and afraid of possible pain, her pelvic floor muscles contract, which means that attempts to penetrate the vagina become more difficult and painful. Deep breathing allows you to calm down, release tension and relax.

However, a man also needs to breathe. At least in order to act more carefully and restrainedly.

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Sex between breasts: how to prepare and make it especially hot

Sex between breasts

Take the correct posture and do not forget about lubrication.

Intramammary sex is sexual intercourse without traditional penetration, in which the man inserts the penis between the partner’s breasts. This practice can diversify foreplay or become a substitute for vaginal sex – for example, during menstruation or if a woman gets special pleasure from nipple stimulation. This type of intimacy is easy to combine with a blowjob. In addition, many men are probably excited by the fantasy of ejaculating on the chest – in erotic videos it is called the “pearl necklace” due to understandable associations.

In general, there are quite a few reasons to try sex between breasts. And if you don’t like it, you can always switch to oral or vaginal.

How to prepare for sex between breasts

Squeeze your chest

Gently squeeze your breasts with your hands so that there is a feeling of tightness: in this position you will need to hold them during sex. Do not press too hard, so as not to damage the skin and muscle tissue.

If the size does not allow you to bring the breasts too close, do not be discouraged: the partner can still move between the nipples and the palms pressed to them. In this case, it is better to additionally caress the dick with your hands, lips and tongue – it is due to this that you will provide the bulk of the pleasant sensations. However, it’s great to connect hands and tongue regardless of breast size: it’s just nice.

Provide Lubrication

Sex between breasts

Be sure to use a lubricant to prevent skin chafing and irritation. You can take any lube (silicone glides on best) or prefer the edible option – especially if you plan to combine intramammary sex with a blowjob.

Many sex blogs advise using cream, but we do not recommend it: it sounds more exciting than it looks. The product melts quickly and by the end of intercourse you will be sticky, not slippery. And yes, it’s not very hygienic.

Don’t Forget the Prelude

Before starting sex, a man should caress his partner’s chest with his hands and tongue: the woman will relax, and due to the blood flow to the desired area, the chest will swell slightly and become a little larger.

Agree on the final

Discuss in advance where the man will ejaculate. “Pearl necklace” may look sexy and spectacular, but not all women like the feeling of sperm on the chest, neck, and if the partner is not too accurate, then on the face.

Stock up on toys and accessories

Sex between breasts is unusual in itself, but even it can be even more peppery. So, you can use a special nipple gel that will create an intriguing tingling, lubrication with a warming or cooling effect.

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Nice Hotels In London

If you could just pick on UK city to visit, you’d make it London. Britain’s capital city is a staggering and energetic spot. It is a city with rich history on each corner and old and new attractions to keep the city clamoring 365 days a year.

4As home of the Royal Family, London has numerous unbelievable five star hotels to provide food for guests looking for the lofty treatment and extraordinary British friendliness. You can discover brilliant top-class hotels in London’s calm rural areas or discharged inside of the heart of the capital.

London’s numerous milestones draw a great many guests consistently. The city brags numerous several first rate hotels inside of nearness of the key sights, for example, Big Ben, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and London Eye – to name a modest bunch.

Guests will value the loftiness of a five star hotel following a monotonous day’s welcoming so as to tour where you can be tended to and all around prepared hotel staff.

Five star hotels are copious in this cosmopolitan city with something for everybody, whether you’re going to for the recorded sights of the city, its craft displays and galleries, or the splendid lights of the West End.

Find the luxurious side in London for less. Look at the colossal scope of 5-star hotels in London on the sites and appreciate huge investment funds on the best and decent hotels in the city. Recall that you can book a room before 8pm and finish what has been started night.

Head to London’s most selective postcodes to search originator boutiques for style unique cases and huge name names. You can investigate the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington and bring a meander down the King’s Road to scan the creator shops before looking at the area’s smooth eateries and bars.

Nice hotels are just the beginning, to encounter the VIP treatment. While in the range you can drop into Harrods, the world’s most renowned retail establishment for some extravagance shopping and see the amazing Victorian building wearing Christmas Lights through winter. If you need to proceed with your 5-star lifestyle, take your pick from various big name gourmet expert eateries in London.

Mayfair packs in top eateries, bars and a percentage of the finest spas in the city. This is the spot for attempting on creator garments, eating at the finest eateries, unwinding in selective Mayfair bars and withdrawing to the extravagant surroundings of your 5-star hotel.

Add a touch of liberality to your 5-star stay with a visit to one of London’s most luxurious spas. At the highest point of its class, the Four Seasons Park Lane Spa, up on the 10th floor, offers treatment rooms with awesome perspectives over Hyde Park. Then again, make a beeline for The Berkeley … Read the rest