Go boutique on a Cheap trip to London

There is so much to do for travellers of any age. It’s packed full of incredible galleries and museums and world famous historical landmarks and buildings like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. It’s hard for anyone to resist the lure of London. But the city is not just about history. It’s one of the most vibrant and contemporary cities anywhere right now. The cool and the modern sit side by side with the ancient grandeur.

Cheap hotels in London can make or break a trip. Get it wrong and it’s possible to end up in dingy accommodation in the wrong part of town. Which is no fun and lots of extra hassle. Or there’s the dull and boring generic chain hotel option. The sort of hotel where guests feel like they might be anywhere in the world. Because they are all the same. However this is easily avoided as there are plenty of great boutique hotels in London.

These boutique hotels offer the traveller something really quite different. A unique and stylish space in which to unwind after a long day exploring the city. A hotel that’s so comfortable and stylish it’s a pleasure to come back to and this helps form a big part of the enjoyment of the london,trip,cheap .

Hotels in London can vary enormously in quality. So it pays to do some research first. Find some reviews and opinions of other travellers who have stayed there. Boutique hotels in London are usually a safer option. They are more upmarket, but not ridiculously so, and are growing in popularity. Anyone planning a cheap trip to London should forget the second rate accommodation or the blandness of the big chains and try something a little different instead by taking the boutique option.